Why Remind Me This?

Remind Me This is a productivity and collaboration tool, which will help you overcome the following issues:

Issues Your productivity is hampered by a bloated inbox Issues You feel a simple To-Do List is insufficient, while a Project Management System would be overkill
Issues You want to stop working about the work Issues You are more concerned about what to do, instead of how to do it
Issues You need to follow and document the complete process of a project, from start to finish Issues You have a tough time getting your entire team on same page
Issues You are always awaiting communication from external sources Issues You have unscheduled interactions
Issues Your Leadership is affected by inefficent coordination Issues You find it diffcult to manage the geographical spread
Issues Your offshore team puts you 'off the shore' Issues Your in-house productivity needs to be spruced up
Issues You encounter varied barriers in collaboration and communication Issues Someone working from home, wouldn’t be detected if a project management system is not in place

Our Story

See where and how we stand in the current market of productivity and collaboration applications. Based on this, we have positioned ourselves to fill a vacancy that existed in this continuum. So that you may gauge where you stand on this scale. And thus, decide which product best suits your needs.